Traning Course & Youth Exchange

Erasmus+ Key action 1
The E-booklet of ‘Languages – the Opportunity to Beat Youth Unemployment’ may be found HERE. The project’s schedule and all the activities/workshops are listed in the e-booklet.
  • Big problem

    The European societies are currently facing a lot of social problems such as unemployment. One of the ways to tackle this problem is encourage youth to learn foreign languages because it is a key asset when looking for a job, especially in an international company.
  • The key

    To promote this concept, a project “Languages – the Opportunity to Beat Youth Unemployment” was hosted in Lithuania. It consisted of two actions: youth workers mobility (TC) (September 19-25, 2015) and a youth exchange (YE) (October 20-26, 2015). The project was implemented by organizations from countries where youth unemployment and lack of professional foreign language skills are especially acute (Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Lithuania). In the TC, there were 24 youth workers involved (4 / country); while the YE had 36 participants (6 / country).
  • Languages

    The main objectives of the project are to: (1) acquaint youth workers with the newest language learning methods and tools; (2) teach the unemployed youth on how to easily learn new languages, and thus get employed or create their own enterprises by using these skills; (3) reveal job opportunities in Europe and promote possible careers in the EU; (4) Motivate youth to learn (at least 1) new language so they could share their motivation in their community and increase youth collaboration within the EU. The project also aimed to help the participants grow professionally, keep them active, involve them in multi-cultural discussions, develop a number of skills and competences and create new partnerships across Europe.
  • Results

    During the project a number of ideas for fresh language learning methods and strategies aimed at easing the process or boosting the motivation of the learners were developed by the participants. These ideas were all included into an e-booklet compiled on the last day of the youth workers’ mobility. Moreover, we have additionally added: the schedule and all the unique activities of the project. The link to the E-booklet may be found at the top of the page. Other video & photo material and may be seen at the Gallery.


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